It Was A Dream 

It Was A Dream    Hi everyone, I am Ankita from Pune.  I came here to explain my first experience of having sex with my boyfriend.  I am a qualified CA working in a firm.  I am now 26 years old, and after coming into my body, I am a 5'4 ″ tall blonde girl measuring 36-30-38.   Coming to my boyfriend, his name is Arunabha. He has an average body, 5'10 "tall, living far away from his parents in Pune. I'll start the real story now.   In 2012, I finished my CA and joined a firm as an employee.  There I saw the moon for the first time.  We became friends very quickly.  We exchanged our mobile numbers, and we chatted at night.  We used to hang out everywhere on vacation, which is why so many of our coworkers started to think we were in a relationship.  One day, we talked about the same thing.   Me: Hey Arunabha, everyone thinks we have a relationship   Arunabha: Yes, I have been thinking of telling you the same thing for a long time. Today I have the opportunity to express my love to you.   Me: Are you serious?   Arunabha: Are you interested in me?   Me: I'm confused; I need some time; I'll tell you tomorrow   Arunabha: I will wait for your reply   After arriving at my house, I thought about it for a long time and texted him, "yes." It made him happy, and we slept that night.  After that day, we were so close everywhere, late at night chatting and holiday meetings.   One day, on vacation, we plan to go to a movie.  He booked a corner seat for us, and it was a great hit movie.  Everyone is busy watching…

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