It Was A Fantasy Night

It Was A Fantasy Night   Hello everyone, this is Arjun, 30 years old.  The fantasy is about a 33-year-old unmarried woman named Samita. She was a bit harsh, and her quiet nature didn't talk much outside of work.  She was sincere and honest about her work.   She was 36-30-32, and her height was 5 feet 8 inches.  She had a fair complexion and black shoulder-length hair.  She wore a formal office suite with a half-knee-length skirt and always looked eye-catching.   Our conversation started when I got an appointment for an upcoming project.  I completed it in 12 days and presented it to her.  She was amazed at the accuracy of my presentation and praised me.   One ordinary day was lunchtime.  I got a table where I was sitting alone because there weren't too many people in the canteen.  This is the moment where she appeared and ordered her food.  She was looking at where She was sitting.  She then turned to me.  She smiled at me and came over to me.   Samita: Hi, can I get a seat?   Me: Sorry, ma'am, I should have one to ask permission to sit with you!  So if you don't have a problem I can sit with you otherwise I will change the place.   Samita: Wow, it's OK to have a seat.  However, its canteen does not need to be so formal.   Me: Thank you. Ma'am   It was a normal conversation.  We got a little closer as we always sat together in the canteen, joking and talking.  When we left the office, we would shake hands with each other and say goodbye for the day. One day Samita did not come to the office, and it continued for three more days.  I started to…

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