It Was An Amazing Flight Experience

It Was An Amazing Flight Experience   Hi I am Abhishek from pune. I often have to fly because of my work.  And since I've always taken the same Indigo flight, I've fallen in love with the beautiful air hostess. This time I met a beautiful cabin crew member, Enakshi.  I was 33 and alone and she(Enakshi) was around 29. On this particular flight, it was late.  I asked her for a drink and she asked me if I could help her get the bottle off the top shelf?  Since I am tall, why was she not like me?  She took me to the back of the plane.     Most of the other passengers were asleep.  She grabbed me from behind and slowly started kissing me. I asked her what she was doing.  She drew the curtain and told me to go to the toilet.  I took a big shot of vodka and went to the toilet behind her.  We closed the door and I sat on the toilet seat with my jeans on my knees.  My cock was stiff. She lifted her skirt, removed her underwear, and sat on my cock.   She was tight and already wet. She climbed on top of her and started jumping down.   She was completely exhausted, she was sweating but continuing.  Then it was time for me to take charge. Finally it was time to suck her nipples like a baby.    I kissed those pink nipples, played with them, pressed them hard and I started to take off her bra and at last, I saw her breasts and I sucked those beautiful breasts for more than 40 mins. Sucking them gently, biting them.   Then I bent over her and rubbed my hard wet cock on her pussy.  She couldn't…

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