The Banging Continued…..

The Banging Continued..... We both saw each other through our lustful eyes and decided it's enough. Now, we couldn't control ourselves any longer. The Booz and all those foreplay were making our blood flow downward. He made me sit in the bathroom basin area. And inserted his fingers deep inside. Boy, he had an idea of my juices and understood that I wanted the real shot much more than himself. He still decided to nudge me some more. He inserted three fingers inside my asset and kept using his one to press my breast. I was feeling crazy when his fingers were doing the magic. I was scared that I would have completely released myself then on his legs themselves. I wanted his toy inside me. But he wanted to play some more.    He kept fingering me and suddenly when I gained momentum, he started kissing me like crazy. He smooched and brought the hell out of me. Can you imagine having foreplay for the last 3 hours, then fingering, all that booze, and now smooching, he is dripping all my liquid and from everywhere. And suddenly I realized that I was about to come on his legs and that time I immediately pulled his fingers out and inserted his big fat penis into my vagina. I did it extremely fast that he couldn't realize. And when it was inside, I knew he couldn't pull it over. And that's when our eyes met again. It was December and my bare hips on the cold basin area were making noise. He was holding to my legs lightly and with every push, I was circling and supping them over his bare hips. He kept one of his hands on the wall and another hand below my hips. He was literally…

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