Let’s Eat Together 

Let's Eat Together    This Sanaya, I am a beautiful young woman about 25 years old. This is the story of how I had sex with my cousin Arman, who was 29 years old and had an average figure and a long tall penis. I can say I had the best experience when I had sex with him.   I lived with my parents in Kolkata and my brother Arman who is my father’s nephew, since his parents lived in Siliguri and he lived in a hostel next to our house in one of the top colleges in Kolkata.  He has been in the hostel for more than a year and has not adjusted to the food in the hostel.  So my father went to him and brought him to our house.  I was thrilled because I love my brother. We have been good friends since childhood, and since I am the only daughter and I have no siblings, I am so glad that the friend was coming home, and I had no intention of doing so.   We were excellent friends. We talked about our college every day, and he helped me prepare for my exams, and soon we became lovers. I felt his chest put on my chest and he held my hand like a lover, and suddenly  I fell in love with my brother which I know is a bad thing but unknowingly things happened.   When he was studying alone, I went to him and bent him and kissed him on the cheek and my brother was shocked. Since then, all his intentions towards me have changed. One day we both slept in the same bed since we had some relatives in the house and had to sit in one bed.  I fell asleep fast,…

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