Love Or Sex

Love Or Sex   Hello, I am Shivam. I am thin and with a height of 5'6 "and have a 6-inch penis, and I can satisfy any needy girl, woman. This incident happened in my town about eight months ago, and later I went to Siliguri. The girl in this story is my sister's friend. Her name is Prachi. She is 20 years old. Her figure is 28,34,32. She has got a perfect image, and her main assets are her breasts. And her butt was round and huge. Any boy and person can go crazy looking at it.   It was eight months ago when I was in my hometown during my college break. My sister and I are very open and usually share everything about our friends. Her friend Prachi usually stayed at our house because her house was just near our home and we used to have fun together.  Even her family and our family have been very close to each other since childhood.     So one day she came to our house, it was Sunday, she was wearing a tight-fitting red top and black jeans, me and my sister sitting on the sofa looking at the Indian idol and at that moment she entered our house and greeted my sister and me also, I was stunt watching her, her butts were tearing out "OHH MY GOD" it was desperately hot and sexy, seeing that my 6-inch penis has grown. I want to fuck her right now.   But at the moment it was not possible for me because she was also my sister's friend and family friend.  So I decided to fuck her at any cost before going back to my college.  The days passed, and my urge to fuck Prachi was growing.  I was not…

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