Sex- Yes Please!

Sex- Yes Please! Hello everyone! My name is Priyanshi, and I'm from Bangalore. I am a student at a college of engineering. Talking about my teacher he is very handsome. He stands around 6 feet tall and has a fair complexion. I forgot to tell you about myself; my measurements are 34-27-36, and I am 5'8 feet tall and a fine girl. So all started when I first started college in 2014 and had a crush on him. I liked the way he talked and walked, and at the time, I had a lot of fucking experience, so I was thinking about giving him a chance. So, he started teaching me in the second semester, and whenever I wanted to impress him, I went to his cabin and talked to him. Then I asked for his number, which he gave me because it was natural. Then I gave him a miss call on his number because I wanted him to save my number, and then I went. In the evening, I changed my WhatsApp dp and sent him a message saying thank you, Sir, for your assistance. Then he responded to me- Sir- Hi Priyanshi, that is my responsibility. Then he went offline, and I sent him another message. Sir, you have a beautiful dp, and you look handsome. Sir- thank you once again; you, too, are attractive. Me- yeah, Sir. I updated my dp because of you so that you can view my photo, Sir. Then he went offline again, and the next day I went to college before returning to his cabin I was trying to show him my division, when I noticed him looking at it, and I was like, yes. When I got home from college, I sent him my semi-naked photos, and then I…

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