She Was The Queen Of My Dream

She Was The Queen Of My Dream   Hi to all readers and this is my first story so sorry if something goes wrong or you don't like.  My name is Parth. I am 21 years old with a height of 5.11 and a good body structure when I was an athlete in my school days and now a Gym Freak.    About my GF, her name is Kavya.  Her body structure is 34-28-36 thin and fair complexion, and now the story can start. Kavya liked me when I was in school for this one year, but I never paid attention to her, but somehow we committed and started our love journey; it was our regular school day, and I was at school and got a call from her that her parents were going to somewhere and She would be alone.   I tore up my classes and this time as I was driving my car to her house, I got a message from her that she wanted a little drink and some smoke, so I bought it. When I reached her house, she opened the door, ran towards me, hugged me, and started rubbing my dick, which made me horny. And I grabbed her by my arm, and threw her on the bed.   I realized that the door was open so I went and closed the door and came back to the bed and surprised her and all her naked, and it spread my mind, and I grabbed her and started kissing her and started laughing wildly and she began to take off my clothes.   I was biting her nipple, which made her wild for a few seconds, and I was naked and lying on top of her and biting her, and soon my bite became…

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