That First Time…..

That First Time….. I came to my boyfriend's place for the first time ... Hmm.  It was a pretty fun, exciting, weird, but sweet experience.  Yes, I was somewhat confused about what happened, so I have many emotions about just one day. We've both been in love since the time we were together, and I was very jealous of him.  I couldn't save myself if I caught him talking to other girls. I remember that day was our six-month anniversary.  Now, we didn't celebrate the monthly anniversary, but we planned to meet that day.  And since we were meeting, he suggested that we go to a nice candle-light lunch to celebrate.  So we went to Royal Restaurant (Chandannagar) for a romantic lunch date.  It was one of the best dates we ever had - we talked, ate, and laughed!  As we walked out after lunch, he shyly asked me, 'Do you want to come to my house?  My parents are not at home." I looked at my feet as soon as my cheeks turned red.  We had planned our college party once before, but we didn't plan to spend any more time alone after that. So I said yes, that time I was blushing and feeling so nervous. He tried to spread the tension by talking and laughing at me; my panic made me feel like something was stuck in my throat. It was Friday 2015, and the time was around 4 pm. I wore a white shirt and blue jeans. When I entered the house, it had initial facilities.  A home got AC with such a bed, wooden work and a great two bhk house.  I told him he had a good place.  You need to clean and whitewash, and that's fine.  We then went to his bedroom,…

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