That Kolkata Hotel…..

That Kolkata Hotel..... My boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship after college. We both were working in different parts of the country and couldn't meet that frequently. Thanks to the internet and Dhirubhai Ambani, our juices kept flowing.    But then things took a 360 degree turn when I was about to arrive at Kolkata for a professional award function. I immediately shared it with him because I knew that he would be in his hometown around that time. He was extremely excited as yes he would be there. He is a resident of Dhanbad, Jharkhand and it is merely 3-4 hours away from Kolkata. We decided to meet at my hotel and were making mental plans of what we would do to each other.    Finally, I reached Kolkata along with my boss. My boss had his sister there and he shifted to her house. So, I was all alone at the hotel waiting for my man to arrive. He arrived at night on Saturday and I was about to leave on Sunday evening. We knew we had just one night together maybe after 6 months or so and we had to make it count. He arrived and checked into my hotel, there were slight issues in allowing him inside my hotel room, but finally, it happened somehow. Thanks to my man's unique speaking and convincing skills.    He came into my room, we locked the door and at that moment I wished the world would pause for a second. I wanted the time to stop and I would just melt down in his arms. We hugged and he tightened the grasp around me. Of course, he had those naught ideas in his mind and I was also in no mood to take it back.   …

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