Was It A Dream? 

Was It A Dream?    Hello, my name is Ayesha from Kalyani; my measurements are 34-32-38. I am 5'8; now, I am 25 years old. I had the worst experience when I went to the US for my higher education. I used to go to clubs with my classmates every weekend. My best friend was Raj.   One day I was in a short skirt and top, and I was drunk and dancing at the club. Some random black guy came and started molesting me. I love his force on my left; he danced with me for 20 minutes; I'm sure he must have cummed.  He then asked me to come to the bathroom to kiss me and press my parts, and I went forward. He pushed me against the wall and pressed me very hard, and kissed me very severely. My best friend Raj saw and took me from there. He started threatening me.   I almost cried at the club, and then we went to my house (he wanted to throw me out). Here comes the real story, and just before he left, I said, you can stay for a while, please, I can tear up, so he remained for a time. He sat next to me, and I slept on his lap.  He also didn't say anything after 2 hours. I woke up, and he is still at home, and I got up and hugged him and said thank you very much.  The conversation went like this.   Me: Thank you very much   Raj: I saw what you were doing in the club, what do you like, what was he doing?   Me: Yes, I like to press my ass; please don't tell anyone.   Raj: I wish I lived in that place   Me:…

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