You Always Turn Me On Baby

You Always Turn Me On Baby   Hello there, reader. I am a 21-year-old architecture student. I once had to take a train to Kolkata to attend the wedding of a cousin. I got on the train and sat there waiting for it to start. When the train started, I noted that my cabin had only a few people in it. I was scared because I wouldn't have someone to keep me company on my journey. As a result, I began to listen to music.  A pleasant surprise awaited me at the next station. A stunning young lady boarded the train and took the seat next to me. For a few minutes after the parade started, I was deafeningly quiet. By introducing herself, she was a stunning woman. For a few minutes after the train started, I was deafeningly silent. By presenting herself, she shattered the stillness. Her name was Salini, and she was a 19-year-old girl who was also traveling to Kolkata to visit relatives. She was traveling alone due to exams, and her parents had sent her to Kolkata two days prior. Then we started conversing, and I thanked God for providing me with such a lovely lady to keep me company. She was dressed in a pair of trousers and a trendy suit top. 34-28-30 were her stats. Her cleavage was exposed thanks to her shirts.  We passed the time by conversing a lot, even about sex. Then it was dark, and the few people in the compartment went to sleep. Neither she nor I were in the mood to sleep. As a result, we decided to play a game. As a result, we decided to play Temple Run on my phone. The rule is that everyone gets a turn to play, and the person with…

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