That First Time…..

That First Time…..

I came to my boyfriend’s place for the first time … Hmm.  It was a pretty fun, exciting, weird, but sweet experience.  Yes, I was somewhat confused about what happened, so I have many emotions about just one day.

We’ve both been in love since the time we were together, and I was very jealous of him.  I couldn’t save myself if I caught him talking to other girls. I remember that day was our six-month anniversary.  Now, we didn’t celebrate the monthly anniversary, but we planned to meet that day.  And since we were meeting, he suggested that we go to a nice candle-light lunch to celebrate. 

So we went to Royal Restaurant (Chandannagar) for a romantic lunch date.  It was one of the best dates we ever had – we talked, ate, and laughed!  As we walked out after lunch, he shyly asked me, ‘Do you want to come to my house?  My parents are not at home.” I looked at my feet as soon as my cheeks turned red.  We had planned our college party once before, but we didn’t plan to spend any more time alone after that. So I said yes, that time I was blushing and feeling so nervous.

He tried to spread the tension by talking and laughing at me; my panic made me feel like something was stuck in my throat. It was Friday 2015, and the time was around 4 pm. I wore a white shirt and blue jeans. When I entered the house, it had initial facilities.  A home got AC with such a bed, wooden work and a great two bhk house.  I told him he had a good place.  You need to clean and whitewash, and that’s fine.  We then went to his bedroom, and I told him to turn on the AC because it was hot and humid outside.

He went outside and got two glasses of my favorite orange juice.  After that, we lay in bed together, and we started talking about our school life, college, etc. Then suddenly he came to me and hugged me.  I didn’t resist him and hugged him.  Then he kissed me on my lips, and it was a simple touch on my lips. It was our first time, so I was a little nervous, but I allowed him.  The next time he kissed me, but this time it was a proper kiss. 

We spent 15-20 minutes kissing passionately.  We paused for a moment and looked into each other’s hands, holding hands. Then sweetly he said, ‘I love you.’  I hugged him tightly and said I love you baby and then he put his hand inside my t-shirt with a kiss on my neck.

While kissing on my neck, he gently beat me there and moved to the side.  First to the left and licked me there and licked my ears. Then, while doing so, he picked me up and put me on his lap.  I was sitting on his lap; his hard cock was king in my ass.

I didn’t resist too much and allowed him to do it.  Partly because I was tall and partly because of his soft pink lips, then he started kissing my cheek, my neck, and my ears.  I was higher up after that and was gossipy.  He slowly started tearing my shirt, and I couldn’t stop him. 

He bent down and started kissing my thighs and kissing my calf muscles lifted my legs. Then, he went to kiss me up to my hips, and at the same time, he started pressing my other thighs.

Then he removed my panty and lay on top of me, and started biting my lips. I was holding his head tightly. He removed my shirt and saw my cleavage from my white vest, which was a bit stiff.  Then I pulled his t-shirt, and he got good biceps, and his chest area is quite good, but he has very little fat around the abdominal area.  I tried to feel his body, and I liked it.  So I started kissing his body and began licking his chest area.  

My breasts were fully open for him.  He couldn’t stop himself and put me on his lap so he could squeeze my tits and drink milk.  He started sucking them.  Sometimes softly and sometimes wildly.  It made me very wild.

He then licked the area of ​​my abdomen, the area behind me after my groin.  I was trembling with joy.  He wanted to have sex with me. Then I pushed him and laid him on the bed.  I took off his pants.  Now he was completely naked.  I licked his body.  He woke up, and his rocket was in launch mode.  I cleaned his rocket and started licking it slowly from top to bottom.  In between, I was gently pressing his balls.

I licked his mushrooms and then started sucking them.  I used the ice to touch his rocket, and then I was sucking it.  He was in 7th heaven at this moment.  Then he laid me on the bed and started sucking my body.  So again, I sucked his rocket slowly and uninterruptedly. Finally, he was ready to reach his peak.  Then I lay down on the bed.  During the climax, I touched his rocket softly and he pushed me on the bed and spread my legs apart.  He started rubbing his cock in my vagina.  I was moaning loudly and saying, “Please fuck me babe.”  I can’t take it anymore. So he went to the bathroom to wear the condom. Though it was our first time, we both were nervous but the feeling was amazing. 

After wearing the condom he came to me, and started kissing me. My body was getting extremely hot. Then gently he pushed his cock into my vagina. Then he started giving me a gentle stroke until his cock was completely inside. I started kissing his neck when his cock started to speed up. It happened very quickly and hurt. I started bleeding all over the bed. That time he kissed me on my forehead. After that he started rubbing his cock in my ass area. 

As soon as he reached his peak, he tipped his rocket and poured out all his juices on it.  I liked the feeling of the warmth of his juices in my ass area.  Then he went to kiss me and pushed me.  After reaching the final, we lay down next to each other.

I have to say that I like to lie next to him next to the blanket, naked body and soul, much more than anything else.

After the two of us cleaned everything up, I went back to the house in the evening so that his parents would not be stigmatized.  My heart is filled with love for him when I think of that day today.  Undoubtedly, the day I first went home with my boyfriend was one of the best days of my life!  I hope you enjoyed this real-life story of mine.  I will share more when I face them.