That Kolkata Hotel…..

That Kolkata Hotel…..

My boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship after college. We both were working in different parts of the country and couldn’t meet that frequently. Thanks to the internet and Dhirubhai Ambani, our juices kept flowing. 


But then things took a 360 degree turn when I was about to arrive at Kolkata for a professional award function. I immediately shared it with him because I knew that he would be in his hometown around that time. He was extremely excited as yes he would be there. He is a resident of Dhanbad, Jharkhand and it is merely 3-4 hours away from Kolkata. We decided to meet at my hotel and were making mental plans of what we would do to each other. 


Finally, I reached Kolkata along with my boss. My boss had his sister there and he shifted to her house. So, I was all alone at the hotel waiting for my man to arrive. He arrived at night on Saturday and I was about to leave on Sunday evening. We knew we had just one night together maybe after 6 months or so and we had to make it count. He arrived and checked into my hotel, there were slight issues in allowing him inside my hotel room, but finally, it happened somehow. Thanks to my man’s unique speaking and convincing skills. 


He came into my room, we locked the door and at that moment I wished the world would pause for a second. I wanted the time to stop and I would just melt down in his arms. We hugged and he tightened the grasp around me. Of course, he had those naught ideas in his mind and I was also in no mood to take it back. 


We decided to bring the action to bed and both of us dragged ourselves to bed. He decided to call it a shot time and he took out two glasses and poured his favorite scotch and my most loved wine. I could feel our eyes sparkling between these glasses. Somehow, we controlled our nerves and began talking and sharing about our day. Soon after half an hour, the alcohol started doing it’s job and we were a little low on our head. I have always been the wild one in our relationship and I couldn’t control my inner sex goddess anymore inside myself. I came closer to him and grabbed him by his collar and gave a tight smooch. It was really a long smooch and our tongues explored each other like anything. I could feel his earnestness, his desire to get inside me, his desire to make me his, and of course I also wanted the same, but with a little more drama. After about 7 minutes or so, when we wanted some air, we left each other and came to our positions. We drank once more, looked into each other’s eyes, and said I love You. 


It’s been 3 long years since we were in a long-distance relationship. He was in Mumbai and I in Odisha, and we had real big fights threatening to leave each other. And I always thought that this is the last time, and this relationship would break but not every time. And here we are today waiting for the night to stop at this Kolkata hotel. 


I decided to sit beside him and kept my hand on his thighs. He drove the hands to his manliness, suggesting I play with it. I was amazed at how big the baby has become. I pulled forward his legs and sat over them. Now, we were facing each other. We again started the magic with our lips. Our lips collided and this time they knew where to go. Our tongue was buzy playing with each other, while my hands were going all down to his jeans ready to embrace my favorite toy. And I grabbed it, the little man was all tight and ready for the big game. But no it was only 8 PM and I wanted to play longer games. I held it in my hands and started my tongue doing it’s magic on his neck. Neck has always been my weakness and I loved playing with his nape as well. My tongue started licking all of his neck and knew that it was driving him mad. He also started kissing my neck, sucking the hell out of it, and BOOM he bites it hard. He knew I loved love bites and flaunting his manliness on my neck is something I always craved for. But this time, he bit it real hard. I understood that his passion and erection both were at their peak. I looked at him and our lustful eyes met. I could see his intense red eyes and was trying to understand what it was saying to me. He pushed me on the bed and came over to me. He started again smooching on my lips, but his legs were all over my legs and playing with it. His chest was pressing my breasts and claiming their control over it. We both were in a deep embrace with each other and ready for the next level, but our tongues were not ready to leave each other. He suddenly left my lips and looked at me. I was wondering what he is going to do next. And he decided to go a bit down on my lips to my neck. And BOYYY I was bowled over. His tongue knew all the right places and it was doing all that I used to do with my fingers and my little women. My little woman didn’t know where to stop and she started showing her excitedness and participation. 


Soon he opened the button of my shirt and dragged his eyes all below to my breasts. But before that, his tongue made its way through my cleavage. He licked and sucked the hell out of it, leaving me to feel helpless and for more action. He opened all the buttons to my breast and kept the remaining intact. My man started pressing my breasts hard and looking at me. What he did next was unbelievable. Our 11th-floor room was fully lit and only curtains hid us from the high main road. He knew I felt shy with all the action in a fully lit room, but he drove pleasure in it. And since I was all drunk by then, I wanted to give him that pleasure and of course, I was on the mischievous side too. He sat over my legs and gave a good lustful look at my boobs. My boobs were all rounded and tight and thanks to AC the nipples were all stiff and cold. I had average-sized boobs but real big brown nipples that could make any guy mad. He started sucking my nipples and boy I was going crazy again. Just when I thought it was the peak, he started playing by encircling his tongue on my nipples and it was driving me crazy like anything. And then he knew my weak point. He drove down to my navel and started encircling and God I don’t know what was taking it’s effect on me, his tongue or the Booz? With his every tongue circle, my pleasure was dripping. I could feel my black lacy panty soaking and soon he will realize it too. And suddenly, he stood up and sat on my legs and started looking at me. Imagine what a helpless state I am in, half-drunk, half shirt buttons open, both my boobs peeping out and nipples all erect and big brown. OMG, I felt that he could hear my juices dropping. Suddenly he took his glass, completed the half magic liquid inside it, and then poured himself some more. And woow he did the unthinkable. One of our fantasies. He poured the icy cold scotch on my boobs, neck, and navel. And now I knew what he would do next. He would lick them like crazy, making me give numerous orgasms in one go. He came down at me, his lusty red eyes were doing the talking. He kissed me like sucking the juice out of me. And then went down to my neck and made sure that he drank every bit of his scotch. When he reached my boobs, I couldn’t control myself any longer. I reached for my panties and inserted my fingers inside. His one hand also followed me down there. While his other hand was buzy in playing the host to my breasts. I inserted the finger into my deepest hole and his hands cupped me from the top. He started sucking my nipple and breasts and drank much more than the scotch. Together we were fingering myself and he was taking the hell out of my breasts. Soon after 10 seconds of that awesome fingering, I gained momentum and rhythm and my blood started rushing to my genitals. He knew about my momentum and he also increased his speed underneath and on my breasts, he started making tongue circles around my nipples. Boy…I felt like I could shout at that moment. I started moaning loudly in pleasure. He immediately took his hands away from my breasts and closed my mouth. Now, I couldn’t even shout. Our eyes met and we continued the magic. Once I was done with fingering, he was not done. He came down to my navel and again played havoc with his tongue. Imagine his scotch dripped tongue into my navel. it was totally heaven. 


And then he again rose, poured himself a glass full of scotch and ice. He drank neat. Then he made me sit. He poured me some more wine. We both sat for another half an hour just like that. We both were completely naked and sitting and drinking and looking at our naked bodies in the mirror. Suddenly, I decided that it’s a loo time for me. The obvious after so many wine sessions. I knew he loved following me there. I sat on the seat and he came with his erection there. He put his cock inside my mouth and I started sucking it like crazy. The sound of my juices flowing and the sight of me sucking his cock made him mad. He decided it was worth a shot at that point only. 


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