That Lonely Summer Afternoon

That Lonely Summer Afternoon

After the baby, we had sex quite rarely. It was like daily hustles and work from home had taken a toll on us. It was difficult to find out some secluded time for sex. Undoubtedly we were horny all the time. 


So, on one summer afternoon when the house was empty. It was just me and him and our baby was sleeping in the other room. We decided to make it our time. 


My guy went crazy and he wanted to lick my pussy and fuck me with his tongue. Of course, I wanted that badly too. But unfortunately, I was on my periods and thus nothing lower was strictly not allowed. So, he decided to make it a top game. 


He loved to keep me naked and himself dressed. So, he removed my kurta, slide his hands inside my bra. He played with my breasts, pressed them hard, took out the nipple, and sucked them like anything. Soon, he wanted to throw open my bra but he was struggling to open the hook. Even after 5 years into marriage, he still can’t open the hook. Funny. 


I helped him and finally, the hook got opened. As soon as the hook got opened, it seemed like he got the pandora box. He started playing with my breasts like the greedy kid. He held the breasts in his hands, pressed them, and even pulled the nipples also harder. When I shouted with excitement, he immediately took them under his teeth and sucked them like crazy. He was sucking the breasts as if taking the liquid out of them.  And with every suck, I was getting sensation. My nipples and big and brown and he loved playing with them. As and when he was sucking them, I could feel sensations right to my vagina. And then he took both of my hands, clasped them tightly and directed them in the upward direction. 


After which, I could barely move my hands or even my body. Now, I was completely under his control only. He took a cloth lying nearby and tied both my hands together with it and then hanged them on the bed pole. Now, my entire body was completely at his disposal. He decided to take a long lick at my naked upper half from my neck, breasts, nipples, tummy to my navel. He made sure that I got regular dripping by sucking my big brown nipples. He kept sucking and I felt my entire body’s liquid come out of it. And he did the same with my navel too. He was literally fingering my navel with his tongue. Aaahhh the joy…


And finally, I could see the lust in his eyes….Even I was also lustful. He brought his big tight and thick penis to my stomach and started fucking my navel. It was the third hole for him. OMG, he was fast, lustful, and knew what he was doing. I could feel his movements and I felt vibrations all across my body. And suddenly he came all over my tummy. His white thick liquid flowed all over the tummy and it kept dripping all over my body. 


And that’s how for the very first time, he ejaculated without my vagina and I loved it like anything.