The Banging Continued…..

The Banging Continued…..

We both saw each other through our lustful eyes and decided it’s enough. Now, we couldn’t control ourselves any longer. The Booz and all those foreplay were making our blood flow downward. He made me sit in the bathroom basin area. And inserted his fingers deep inside. Boy, he had an idea of my juices and understood that I wanted the real shot much more than himself. He still decided to nudge me some more. He inserted three fingers inside my asset and kept using his one to press my breast. I was feeling crazy when his fingers were doing the magic. I was scared that I would have completely released myself then on his legs themselves. I wanted his toy inside me. But he wanted to play some more. 


He kept fingering me and suddenly when I gained momentum, he started kissing me like crazy. He smooched and brought the hell out of me. Can you imagine having foreplay for the last 3 hours, then fingering, all that booze, and now smooching, he is dripping all my liquid and from everywhere. And suddenly I realized that I was about to come on his legs and that time I immediately pulled his fingers out and inserted his big fat penis into my vagina. I did it extremely fast that he couldn’t realize. And when it was inside, I knew he couldn’t pull it over. And that’s when our eyes met again. It was December and my bare hips on the cold basin area were making noise. He was holding to my legs lightly and with every push, I was circling and supping them over his bare hips. He kept one of his hands on the wall and another hand below my hips. He was literally shaking my hips with every push and since his hand was below that, he was enjoying way more. 


After 2-3 pushes, I decided to make him yearn more. I smooched him like crazy and kept whispering to his lips, harder baby harder. I knew he loved slang at this point and that’s why I was saying softly – Harder fuck ur bitch harder, harder fuck ur prostitute harder. And then I started with my fingering stories. I started whispering to his ears, you know when you were away I used to lie on my hostel bed when I was all alone, Ac and fan used to be at full. I used to be inside my blanket and completely naked, just the way you like it. And then I used to bring one of the hands inside my vagina to finger me up and another on my breasts to press them harder and harder. I used to close my eyes and imagine him being all over me, licking my pussy and watching me. 


I didn’t know where he brought his glass to the bathroom. He took one long sip from there and then he made me drink also. And during our sips, he was lovingly encircling my pussy with his penis. After his sips, he was holding on to my pussy unshaven hair and then fucking me. I knew he loved my unshaven pussy hair and that’s why I always grow it for him. He kept playing and pondering with those pussy hair and hitting me with his penis. Suddenly, I started moaning and it was slightly louder. He signaled me to ssshhh. But of no use and then he used his tongue and lips to silence me just like I wanted. And soon he was ready to come over me. I suggested he come over my tummy and that’s what he did. It was seriously a delightful sight to watch. 


Since we were in the washroom, it was easier to get ourselves cleaned. Soon, he started the warm water and asked me to clean him. I used water and little soap, to rub the juices off him, while he kept playing with my hips and hair. He loves watching me naked all day. He draws pleasure in it. After cleaning him, he took a turn and decided to clean me too. He applied the same cleaning solution and rinsed it off with water. Soon, he brought the towels and rubbed me and actually did a lot more than that. He also dry soaked me at places where there was no water. Between my legs, on my hips, on my neck, and all that.  


Finally, we both came out of the loo and checked the time it was 9:15. We decided to order dinner and I called the room service. During the time dinner was coming, we just sat on the bed close to each other and just spent some silent moments. It was after 7 months we were meeting, so we just wanted some moments of silence and nothing else. We didn’t realize that we sat like that for 25 minutes. Our moment of silence broke with the doorbell. My man checked that it was the waiter with our food. Hurriedly, we started dressing ourselves up. He wore his shorts and tee. He said you just wear your night clothes with no underwear. I knew what was running through his mind, I listened to him and did just that. He opened the door and soon our dinner was over. 


After our dinner, we decided to dim the lights of our room and we darkened it completely. And got to the bed. We both were very frankly tired but far from calling it a night. He decided to visit the loo before heading to bed. I decided to surprise him by taking my nighty off and getting to bed. He returned to the blanket within 5 minutes and boy he took off the blanket completely because he thought I would be fingering myself. but instead, he had a much better show I promise you. He was instantly erect and jumped inside the blanket. We decided to give each other some sloppy kisses and let our hands do the exploration. Our legs were tied against each other. And my hands were on his hips, his balls, and on his chest. Whereas his hands were on my breasts and my hips. We wanted to get closer to each other and just get inside each other. He then kept kissing me and I directed his hands towards my pussy. I wanted another round of fingering. I cupped his hands and together we were fingering ourselves. I soon started moaning in pleasure inside his mouth and he kept increasing his pace. Soon my juices started flowing and I was done. Then it was his turn. I took my hands and held his manly toy. It was erect and all strong. I decided to give it some much needed love and pampering. I asked my man how would you play with it, imagining myself. He replied I would imagine you naked over me sitting and then shaking it off. I decided to just put it inside the blanket as soon as he came. I didn’t know from where he managed to keep some tissues just beside our bed. And he cleaned himself and we both lay close to each other. 


Finally, we were dead tired, but even then we had one round of the main play left inside us. I decided to begin. I rode over him and inserted his penis into my hole. He was taken aback at my speed. But I continued. I directed his hands and placed them below my hips to feel all the pleasure and of course the movements. He went a step ahead and placed one of his hands near my pussy where he could literally feel the movements and touch the liquid. 


I jumped over him, pushed inside him, played inside him, just left it like that for some time. And then when we were about to climax, I excitedly threw the blanket over the floor. Now, we both could see each other over the darkness of the room. We soon reached the climax and came over to each other. 


Thanks to the tissues, we cleaned ourselves right there and got inside the blanket. Finally, we called it a night and slept hugging each other tightly. 


But no, the night doesn’t end here. There is more to it. Keep reading.