Wanna See Your Naked Part 

Wanna See Your Naked Part 


Hello, everyone! Let me begin by introducing myself: my name is Sandip, and I live in Shrirampore. And I’m a first-year mechanical engineering student. I’d want to tell you my true sex story. 


My routine before heading to college consisted of going to a hotel near my campus for a cup of coffee and a smoke. I spotted a girl watching me from the window of her house one day, and I noticed it every day after that. I assumed she was looking, but it had now begun with a smile. 

She was also an engineering student at a separate college. She also had milky white skin and brown hair, as well as a seductive fragrance. Her measurements are 36d-24-38. Every day, we exchanged smiles. She abruptly called me to her window one day and said: -hi, what’s your name? Sandip and yours. She said Arunima.

After a 4-5 minute talk, I told her that I had to go to college and become late. She came up to me and said she wanted to tell me something, and when I replied alright, she said, “Can we be friends?” I merely pretended to be considering for a few seconds before saying, “Ya sure.”


We began to converse daily, and because it was a quiet location, no one seemed to mind. Our phone numbers were switched.

I honestly intended to surprise her. On her birthday, I called and wished her. She was overjoyed. Because her family was present at home, we decided to meet the next day of her birthday.


The next day, I went to her house and bought her a cake. That was the first time I’d visited her home. There was no one in the house. Her sister had gone to college, and her parents had gone to work, and we had both bunkered at our respective colleges. I wished her well and hugged her lightly. She, on the other hand, hugged me tightly. Wow, what a sensation; she had just bathed, her hair was still damp, and she was dressed in a pair of tight trousers and a V-necked t-shirt. We began to cut, but the knife dropped to the floor… She knelt to pick it up, and I saw her cleavage for the first time. Wow, that was a creamy white delight.


Then I sang her a birthday song, and she cut the cake and forced me to eat it with her hand, after which I forced her to eat it with my hand. I gladly applied the cake to her face, and she did the same. We had a good time. We talked for a long time. And when I told her I wanted to leave and was about to leave, she said, “I want a kiss on my birthday gift,” which astonished me. I declined since I was apprehensive and had never kissed a girl before.

I accepted after she requested for 2-3 times. And I said yes. She forced me onto the bed and went on top of me. And then she began kissing me. Wow, it’s like heaven; I was nervous at first but quickly adjusted to the circumstance and replied. We kissed nonstop for around 7-8 minutes. And while she was kissing me, she made me stand up and massaged my body with her hands; my dick was rock hard by this point, and she could feel it. 

I came to a halt and told her, “It’s over. The kiss is over.” And I informed her that I had to leave. What had occurred, she inquired? I said nothing and walked away, explaining that I was apprehensive because it was my first time and shivering somewhat. But I couldn’t control myself and I put my bag down and began kissing her and pushing her boobs in my hands. I kissed her neck, cleavage, and navel as she was lightly groaning. It was a pleasant sensation, so I unzipped my shirt and tossed it, as well as her pant. 

She was now only wearing a black bra that covered half of her boobs and a black panty. And then I started kissing her on the neck.

On the other hand, I’m rubbing my fingers against her nipples. Both of them were now hot, so I took off my pants and was only wearing shorts. We hugged and tumbled around on the bed with each other. Finally, I took off her panties and bra, and believe me, she was a hot mess.

I grabbed her soft tits and began sucking her brown nipples. She then began stroking my underwear with her hand. It was as if I had died and gone to heaven. I finished with her boobs, put her in bed, and then began to kiss her clitoris while teasing her by not licking her complete pussy. She took my head in her hands and began to pull it closer to her pussy. I started licking it now.

I told her to slow down as she began to groan heavily. I began stroking her pussy. And sucking both of her boobs at the same time. It was a lot of fun for me. She came over and sipped it, and it was delicious and salty. It was enjoyable for me. And I began to jerk my cock into her grip. We then slept on each other by lightly kissing and embracing one other.


After 5 minutes, I began to insert my penis into her pussy; it was tight and slippery at first, but it went inside after a few strokes. She was in excruciating discomfort at first, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was heavy moaning, which gave me more strength, and I went ahead and did it.

After that, we got up, clothed ourselves, and cleaned the bed for almost half an hour. She also made two cups of coffee. I drank it as well. We hugged and kissed for another 5 minutes before I left. She said that today was the best day of her life. She’d evolved into my sex goddess. We started having sex once a week. And I’ve had a great time. I don’t have time to have fun now that I’ve completed my college and I am studying engineering. However, she is currently living in Kolkata and doing a job.