When I Met Her, I Fall In Love

When I Met Her, I Fall In Love


Let me tell you about myself, I am an engineer with an athletic body. My name is Amarjeet. Here I am going to share my true story, so be patient for the real action. It happened last year with a friend I met on FB.  She was dark, cat eyes, stomach flat, and brave.  She had average boobs, not too big.


One day while surfing FB, I came across this girl, and I liked her picture and sent her a friend request. I waited for a few days for her acceptance, but she did not accept it.  So I avoided it too. Life went on, and I even forgot about her. 


One beautiful day, about a few months later, I received a notification that the girl had accepted my friends’ request;  I was even more surprised when she replied to my message.  We started chatting on FB, and I learned she was heartbroken. She just had a breakup.


I had no intention of doing that.  We start chatting, and in a couple of days, it gets naughty.  Then I had this feeling in my mind that she could be a perfect friend.  Although we never talked about sex, I found that she could not deny it. I forgot to tell you that we both came from different cities. I worked in one town and studied in the next town.


One day we decided to meet in her town.  I had no plans to fuck her then, and it was just a casual reunion.  We met and drank until we were high.  We took the autorickshaw to her place. Since we were high and had a perfect time drinking, we would sit very close to each other, I even put my hands around her, and she was very comfortable.  


Unfortunately, we had a lot of traffic on the road so we couldn’t explore too much.  Then I lit a cigarette, and we started smoking. To my surprise, she asked me if I could smoke in my mouth.  I was just as shocked and because I was shy at first.  Of course, I cursed myself for it. That’s how I missed the first opportunity.


After that, our friendship grew, but now the naughty talk decreased, and there was also a chat frequency.  Sometimes we would talk but only in ‘hi bye.’ One lovely day she texted me and said she had moved to my town. I was like, WTF!  Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? She: I barely came yesterday.


This time I started making my plans. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.  Things were not as simple as they seemed. She was also eager to meet me again.  So we decided to meet after my office, but things got cold between us, and I was having a hard time burning this fine.  Where to start!


We met her once in our town even though she came to my place, but it didn’t turn into a sex session because she didn’t like the conditions well. Then the day came, this time I planned, we met, she came to my place again.


I brought whiskey and started drinking.  I tried to get her to spend a lot of time today.  I did it. We watched a movie, Fukre !!!


Richa Chadda has a role in this movie, and she has a lot of material to mention here.  As soon as the whiskey began to show effects, we became casual with each other.  I was sitting next to her, and I started touching my thigh with her, and she was magnificent with it. It was the green signal for me.


Me: Dude, Richa Chadda Kitani Hot Hai, I like her tits

She: Yes, she’s fucking hot!


I was looking forward to it now.  We were both hot but not hot enough to jump on top of each other.


But she had different plans.  She played “Friends with benefits” . Those who have seen this movie will surely understand. I haven’t even seen this movie.


Then slowly I walked over to her, and she was holding my head from behind. She brought her lips to me and smoked on my lips. I sucked that smoke, the second time she did it one more time, the third time things were scorching in control, this time the lips are away from each other and we had our first kiss long after we met.


Her lips were soft and thin; I liked it.  I sucked her lower lip. We were sitting next to each other. I put my hand in her hair. I was sitting on the back of her neck.  Our saliva is mixed, and the tongue is involved.  A few minutes later, we parted.  We smiled as we looked at each other, I was in no hurry, and she was too. I wanted it to slow down as I enjoyed it.  We went back drunk.


Now the hot scenes started appearing on the screen.  We were looking at each other and then watching those scenes.  I had my dick hard, and she was very wet.  But still, we were waiting for each other to start the action.


Me: (doggy style fucking in the movie) I like the doggy style. It’s so wild. But I’ve never tried

She: My ex used to fuck me like that


You can imagine how hot the atmosphere was. In such a scene from the movie, the actress jumps up to the actor. We are now lying next to each other on our stomachs and watching the movie.  As soon as this scene came, we could have no more control. I looked at her, and she walked closer to me. Our lips met. I slipped myself under her body and brought her up. This time the kiss was more emotional and wilder.  We have our bodies intertwined with each other.


I want the girls to wait for it so I can warm them up, so hot and desperate that they asked me to cum. I kept kissing her lips, on the back of her neck.  I put her on my lap,


Me: Friends with benefits?

She: Yes


That’s it, she wanted to cum, but I wanted to wait for her.  She was already horny but I decided to make her hornier.

When she was in the cowgirl position on my lap, I removed her top. I removed her bra.  And put my lips on them. Her nipples were stiff.  I grabbed both sides with my hands. She was looking at me, and I looked into her eyes.  Then I touched her nipples with my thumbs.  I was teasing her, then I licked it once and looked back at her. She was biting her lip.  I was teasing her. She wanted to suck my nipples.  


I’m so good with it (like girls suck my tits) I was making her wild.  I sucked her nipples one by one, and she was getting wild at my every step.  It continued for some time, and to my complete surprise, it was her first orgasm. Guys, she reached my first peak by sucking her nipples.  I was also amazed at my skills.


I was in no mood to stop teasing her, now sleeping on her back and getting on top of her, I got rid of her pants, and she took off my clothes too.  We were both naked now.  She grabbed my dick.


She: Yaar Tera mast hai

Me: Tereko doubt tha kaya?

She: Mujhe nahi pata tha itna mast Hoga


We got to the point where she was hurting my manhood, and I was caressing her tits with one hand and caressing her pussy lips with the other. She was very wet there, I first touched her clitoris, she started arching behind her, and she was walking like a fish out of water. During this time, she was boiling.


I put my finger inside her;  she let out a sigh ahhhhhhhhhh. I reached her G spot, screaming now, and I fear someone will hear it, so let go of the boobs and put the fingers of the other hand in her mouth. 


She: Can you fuck me? I can’t hold it anymore. I want you inside me now

Me: Are you enjoying this?

She: I’m going crazy now. That’s just what makes it so hard!


I went inside another room and brought a packet of condoms. I opened it and helped put it on top of my dick. I quickly guided my dick inside her, and she let out one more sigh aaaahhhh. I was slow at first, so it didn’t hurt her, but I increased my speed once she started to enjoy it.  She was as if she had been pressed into a vibrator.


She didn’t take two minutes and reached her third top !!!  I was happy to fuck that I made a girl cum three times in a row, and I wasn’t even with her. Then we tried the doggy style that shocked her ass. During this time, I was even close to the climax. I asked her how far she was from her fourth;  she said she was coming too;  We now match our finale. I am proud of myself with this one. After this, we felt tired and rested for a while. It was 7 pm, and we both were hungry, so I ordered some food from Zomato, then ate, spent some romantic time, and then she left at 11 pm.