When I met her

When I met her

Hi guys, I am Abhishek. I consider it a pleasure to share many of the sexy things that have happened to me in the recent past.  So here begins the story.  I am from Darjeeling. Travel by train is inevitable. So traveling is our daily routine.


I always decided to travel for work and board a passenger train that would be less crowded on weekdays.


I saw a beautiful woman 33-32-36 sitting with her mother-in-law and daughter.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts and sit just opposite her.  I tried my best to establish contact in the first ten minutes but failed miserably.


I thought it wasn’t a lucky day for me and quite put up.  A few minutes later, we look and then start exchanging smiles.  Finally, we started talking.  I was unable to control myself.  My penis ripped open to tear my pants, and I was utterly ready to fuck her.


I mustered up some courage and asked for her name, to which she replied, “Julia” I went to ask for her mobile number.


Julia: Why do you want my mobile number?

Me: I just thought to ask.


After 5 minutes, Julia switched her seat and sat next to me.  I realized something could be opened today.  Its fragrance still gives me a boner today.


Julia: I asked you, why do you want my mobile number?

Me: I thought I could do something.

Julia: She gave a wicked smile and cried at the same time.

Me: You have a beautiful smile for which any man can die.

Julia: Forget the other; what will happen to you?

Me: I have to be first.

Julia: How can I believe you?  

Me: Believe me, I’m not like anyone else. I’ll talk to you or message you the first time I start with you any day of the month.


Finally, we exchanged our numbers.  We got off at the last station, from where we shared our way.  I was so filled with memories that I wanted to call him immediately and talk to him. But, instead, I decided to wait for him.  I was madly waiting for her message.


Finally, I got a message from her, “Call me.” Unable to control me, I jumped for joy and her. 


Me: Hi Julia

Reshma: Hi Abhishek

Me: Thank you for giving me the message.

Julia: I don’t know why I can’t control myself.  I was thinking about you and our conversation on the train.  I can’t keep myself away now.

Me: Even I have the same feeling here. I’m still thinking of you at the station.

Julia: OMG!  Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I’m at the station.  Call me if you want to make a video.

She immediately disconnected the call and called me from the duo.  I shook her so she could see the station in the background.  She threatened me because I was still at the station.  She called me again.

Julia: Why are you so crazy?

Me: Perhaps it’s a reaction to being completely lost in you.

Julia: How long will you stay here?

Me: Until you tell me to go.


Now here comes the unexpected twist.  She told me to go home.  I have been revealed, and thank God for this opportunity.  She immediately texted me her address, which was less than 5 to 15 minutes away from the station. She told me that she kept her door open.


As soon as I got out of the elevator, I knocked on the door and went inside her house.  There she stood like an angel looking at me and smiling with desire.  I immediately hugged her and started kissing her like crazy.


I was sucking and chewing her lips. Finally, she couldn’t breathe and pushed me back.  I then pulled her again and started kissing her brutally.  We kissed for 10 minutes and exchanged our saliva.  We sucked each other’s tongues and felt like heaven.


She broke the kiss and took me to her bedroom.  She started to remove my clothes.  I took off her gown at once.  I was utterly lost in her beauty and surrendered myself to her.  I unhooked her bra, and the dark brown nipples were erect to get inside my mouth.  I started sucking them, and one hand was busy rubbing her pussy while she was weakening my balls.  She took off my pants and started playing with my balls, and started sucking the juice from them.


It forced me to go to heaven when she played with her tongue and got the tip of my dick.  I pushed her into the bed, and her boobs were bouncing when she fell on the bed. I gently removed her panties.


I started biting her thighs and turned her around to see that round ass.  It was so amazing that I had to span it tightly. I bit her ass and planted a kiss on them, and felt my dick tip running around her pussy and ass.


I hugged her so tightly that I could feel her breasts.  I started pressing her tits and began kissing her nipples. She moaned happily and forced me to suck her tits.  I was sucking her tits using one hand.  I tried to reach her anus with my other hand, and I could feel her soft shaved pussy completely wet.


I continued to suck and had a good feast on her nipples and soon reached her anus.  I removed her panties and started sucking her juices out of her cunt.  I started fucking her with my tongue she started saying “fuck me babe” loudly with pleasure.


I got her spot and massaged her pussy.  I put my finger on it and started fingering.  She wanted me to fuck her immediately.  I started rubbing my penis in her vagina.  Unable to control herself, she shouted, fuck me, why don’t you fuck me?”  


I went to fuck her with a total thrust.  I told her I wanted to put my cock inside her pussy.


She wouldn’t let me take my penis out and wanted it to be in her cunt for some more time. We laid each other on her bed.  We were starving after this session.  We went to the kitchen to eat some food completely naked.  After a while, she started touching my dick.  This leads to a hot playing session near the fridge, picking her up and pumping up and down. It was 11 am when I said bye to her and promised to meet her again.