You Always Turn Me On Baby

You Always Turn Me On Baby


Hello there, reader. I am a 21-year-old architecture student. I once had to take a train to Kolkata to attend the wedding of a cousin. I got on the train and sat there waiting for it to start. When the train started, I noted that my cabin had only a few people in it. I was scared because I wouldn’t have someone to keep me company on my journey. As a result, I began to listen to music. 

A pleasant surprise awaited me at the next station. A stunning young lady boarded the train and took the seat next to me. For a few minutes after the parade started, I was deafeningly quiet. By introducing herself, she was a stunning woman. For a few minutes after the train started, I was deafeningly silent. By presenting herself, she shattered the stillness. Her name was Salini, and she was a 19-year-old girl who was also traveling to Kolkata to visit relatives. She was traveling alone due to exams, and her parents had sent her to Kolkata two days prior.

Then we started conversing, and I thanked God for providing me with such a lovely lady to keep me company. She was dressed in a pair of trousers and a trendy suit top. 34-28-30 were her stats. Her cleavage was exposed thanks to her shirts. 

We passed the time by conversing a lot, even about sex. Then it was dark, and the few people in the compartment went to sleep. Neither she nor I were in the mood to sleep. As a result, we decided to play a game. As a result, we decided to play Temple Run on my phone. The rule is that everyone gets a turn to play, and the person with the most incredible score is the winner, with the loser having to comply with the winner’s requests. We began playing, and while I was winning every game, I requested her to help me with minor things. Then I cheated on her in one game, and she caught me.

While struggling, I hugged her to keep her from fleeing, and I began to move my hands on her body under the guise of grabbing my phone. It continued for a few minutes. Then she smiled wickedly and sat next to me, drawing near to me and whispering in my ear, “did you love it?” It was a pleasant surprise for me. Even before I turned to face her, she had my dick in her palm because I was only wearing my shots. It was excruciatingly painful, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. She began to touch my cock while stroking my shorts. My cock awoke, and it was fully grown in length and thickness. It stood 8 inches tall. It was writhing in my shorts, trying to break free.

Then I hugged her and started kissing her. For 10 to 15 minutes, we had a lip lock. Then I slid my hands over her boobs, and I was going to squeeze them. She requested me to follow her into the washroom. I went into the bathroom after her. We shut the restroom door and began our game. I rapidly stripped her of her clothes. 

Oh my gosh, she was naked and blushing in front of me, and what a sight it was for me. Her skin was a milky white color. I then began kissing her boobs. I was squeezing her left boobs and licking her right boobs. After that, I started sucking her nipples. I was licking her areola with my tongue. Her nipples were a beautiful rosy color.

After that, I kissed and licked her nipples. Then I sank much lower and began rubbing her pussy. After that, I kissed her pussy. She began to moan, but the sounds of the moving train drowned it out. I then began to poke her pussy with my tongue. She pushed my head towards her pussy and let out a loud moan. I then started licking her pussy harder and faster. Then I instructed her to stick my middle finger inside her pussy. Slowly, I began to finger her pussy. Gradually, I increased my fingering speed, and she began to make loud moans. So, I started kissing her lips to stop her from moaning so loudly.

She stated she was going to cum after a few minutes. So, I moved down and swallowed her pussy juice. It was delicious. She then reached down and took my cock in her hand, stroked it, and walked away. She was taken aback when she saw my large cock. She then began to suck my cock after softly kissing it. 

Oh, my goodness, I was in heaven and loving it. I then grabbed her by the hair and began fucking her mouth. She was gagging so much when I gave her a deep throat massage. She sucked and licked my balls in between. I was going to cum, so I fucked her mouth as quickly as I could and ejaculated in her mouth, which she drank down to the last drop.

She then instructed me to enter her carefully. I was ecstatic, but I ignored her plea and slammed my 8-inch cock into her pussy with all my might. I expected her to scream, so I took precautions by covering her mouth. Tears began to flow down her cheeks as a result of my craziness. What surprised me was the fact that she was a virgin. I was pretty fortunate to fuck a virgin. Then I gradually moved closer to her. Over time, I began to advance quickly and forcefully in her direction. First, I fucked her while she was serving as a missionary. Then I switched her to doggy mode and had a great time slamming her pussy. Like a savage beast, I was fucking her. She began to enjoy herself after initially crying.

I was gripping her boobs and fucking her as hard as I could. I was getting close to my climax, so I began ramming her pussy harder and ejaculated within her pussy. My cum was streaming from her pussy, and she didn’t expect me to come in her pussy without her permission, so she slapped me hard. 

Then I sat down on the western toilet, and she knelt to put her panty on. Her ass drew me in, and my filthy thoughts screamed, “Fuck her in her ass.” So, I got up, grabbed her, covered her mouth with my mouth, pushed my cock in her ass, and began to enter her ass. She was in excruciating pain, but I hugged her tightly and went back to work. She began to wail once more, and I was unconcerned.

She grew to appreciate the ass fucking session as time passed. I’d been fucking her ass for a long time since I had cum two times. Meanwhile, she was experiencing many orgasms. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, I arrived at my climax. I poured my come into her crotch. Even though I got two or three heavy slaps for it this time, I just held and kissed her. We both prepared and arrived at our delivery. I continued to move my hands all over her body, and she seemed to like it. Then we slept for a long time and awoke very late the next morning.


I was lucky the next morning because there were only five people there, including us. However, because of my wild fucking, she was not ready for another fucking session. She was in pain all over her body. But she managed to give me three or four blowjobs, and before our station arrived, we swapped phone numbers, and before we left, we both proposed to each other, and she became my girlfriend.